About us

“KS Terminal” LLC was established on 2000. Before that it was named “Krievu salas termināls” LLC (“Russian Island Terminal” LLC).
“KS Terminal” LLC is located in Riga, on the left bank of Daugava River. It was made as a specialized timber port for loading and handling of wood and its products. The company was created by implementation of the previously commenced project of the Russian Island Port. Upon development of the new port concept, its owners based their actions on core approaches of Riga City development which plan for development of the left bank of the Daugava River. Both the beneficial geographic location and the comparative advantages of transportation load were taken into consideration. Proximity of the port to the sea allows for reduced sea transportation (freight) costs.

In the course of time, as the company grew and developed, alternative cargo types were increasingly attracted. And currently “KS Terminal” LLC is able to offer effective services of all type of timber and other dry cargo storage, handling and loading in line with modern requirements.

The main operations areas of the company:

- cargo loading and unloading (round timber, crosscut products,  woodchip, construction materials, loose cargos a.o.)
- cargo storage (in closed and open warehouses) and account;
- chemical processing of timber;
- organization of cargo transportation documents;

“KS Terminal” LLC operates in two piers:
KRS-1: Pier length 166 m, depth mark – 13.2 m,
KRS-2: Pier length – 167 m, depth mark – 13.2 m.