KS Terminal - Your best sea port partner

Each project is different from all the others. No two cargo shipments are identical, just as there are no identical days or human beings. Each order represents new experience and new challenges.

That is why you want to ensure that your cargo is handled by experienced specialists who can offer flexible, individualized and complex solutions.

We know what we can accomplish, and we always keep our promises.


Stevedoring services

Effective stevedoring service solutions: receiving and stock taking cargoes, storing cargo in closed or open-air warehouses, reloading
of cargo to and from motor vehicles and ships, customs clearance, etc.

Forwarding services

Complex and optimised cargo forwarding solutions that allow the client to save time and money - selection of transport resources, cargo agency services at the port, etc.

Timber processing

The Timber Processing Centre of the "KS Terminal" offers a wide range of services, which increase the value of timber - kiln drying, antiseptic treatment, as well as machine and visual strength grading of wood, etc.



We offer clients - warehouses,
as well as open-air spaces for the placement of cargo, etc.

Cruise ships in 2018

29.06.2018 - Serenade of the Seas
06.07.2018 - Serenade of the Seas
13.07.2018 - Serenade of the Seas
20.07.2018 - Serenade of the Seas
29.07.2018 - Serenade of the Seas
01.08.2018 - Mein Schiff 4
04.08.2018 - Costa Pacifica


Cruise ships in 2017

27/06/2017 - Celebrity Silhouette
30/06/2017 - Serenade of the Seas

04/07/2017 - Celebrity Silhouette
07/07/2017 - Serenade of the Seas
14/07/2017 - Serenade of the Seas
21/07/2017 - Serenade of the Seas
28/07/2017 - Serenade of the Seas

03/08/2017 - Vision of the Seas
06/08/2017 - Serenade of the Seas
13/08/2017 - Vision of the Seas

Publikācijas datums:                          2015.gada 26.maijs

Lai gan projekta realizācija nedaudz aizkavējusies, ir saņemtas pirmās iekārtas - divi frontālie iekrāvēji, hidrauliskais mobilais iekrāvējs un hidrauliskais mobilais celtnis uz kāpurķēžu bāzes.

Šai laikā uzņēmums atkārtoti ierosinājis LIAA Līguma grozījumus, kuri apstiprināti 20.04.2015 - Ierosinātie Līguma grozījumi paredz no projekta izmaksām izslēgt frontālo iekrāvēju (EUR 191 195.00 bez PVN) un tā vietā iegādāties iekārtu birstošo materiālu izlādēšanai no hopera tipa vagoniem (2 gab.).